The latest change in the working pattern of all the companies after the Corona Pandemic issue which lasted for more than a year and when the whole world went under lockdown when the employees of those companies were in a work from home jobs and after the lifting of the pandemic the companies approved of the 4 day work week or easily said the employees need to work 4 days in a week with the same workload that was divided for 6 days office work as in each country Sundays were referred to as a working holiday with an elongation of the working hours but in return will get paid the same as they used to get paid before the pandemic hits. Through this article, the readers and the viewers will learn about the benefits you will receive if your company adopts this working pattern, how the companies get benefits for adopting this working pattern, and the different sectors and countries which have already adapted to this working pattern concept.

The benefits the companies have received through this working policy-

  • Clear communication- through this the companies started to see some change and a long timeline for the upcoming transition
  • Focus on quality- the short working days helps the employees to focus more on the work which leads to improvement in the quality of work.
  • Flexible scheduling- the companies have given the employees the freedom to choose the four days of work in the week make more harmony in the management of time.

The countries that have already adapted to the concept of 4 days of work in a week-

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  • England- they did a trial run after the pandemic lockdown lifted. They did it with 3000 individuals from different sectors.
  • Belgium- they accepted this 4 day in a week working policy proposal from February 2022.
  • Iceland- they invented this policy of 4 days working in a week much before the pandemic hit the world. They conducted this trial run with the employees of hospitals, preschools, offices, and social servants.
  • Japan- they are still in the trial run of accepting the policy of 4 days of work. they believe through this policy economy will get stimulated as an extra day of off day will evaluate individuals to spend more money.

Benefits you get for accepting this working policy-

  • Saves money- on the reduction of in-office working days the business can save on costs like electricity, rent, etc., and employees can save on their communication charge and meal charges.
  • Improves the morale among the employees- more days of rest helps in the reduction of stress and helps the employees to be motivated in work which leads to an increase in productivity.

To conclude, the article reflects on the newly evolved working policy which is under the trial process of different democratic and technology-based companies.